Rock Steady Boxing

What are people saying about RSB MoCo?

Steve R. - With Parkinson's, you are always in pain. When you have a tremor, you're in pain. What is great about RSB is that I get to channel that pain through an program where you just wouldn't expect to be seeing someone with a neurological disorder be. Before I heard about RSB, if you told me there was a place to go boxing for people with Parkinson's, I would have laughed at you. But when I'm at RSB, I'm a fighter, I'm a warrior, and I'm not someone who is going to quit. My coaches here don't take it easy on us either. The world doesn't change because you have Parkinson's, rather you change and learn how to deal with the world. When it comes to exercises at RSB, they have a great motto, "This is what I want, this is what I'll take, now show me what you can do!" To me this means that my coaches expect me to give 100% every time I show up and they know how to motivate me to push myself and not give up, because the moment I do is when the disease wins. RSB is also a group that supports each other. No one person can deal with Parkinson's by themselves. It takes a strong group of people to support you and I am fortunate enough to have an amazing wife who is standing right over there who supports me 100%, all while going to school full time for her doctorate! Well, when she went to the first RSB session with me, she was hooked just like I was, and now she is a volunteer and helps out at Saturday sessions!
Marion S. RSB is more than just boxing: It's focused exercise, and also camaraderie, networking, and fun! Each week I leave Angel and Makeda with sweat on my brow and a smile on my face!
Marty C. - RSB has provided me the tools to allow me to be more active in my day to day life.
Geoff T. - Excellent Support. Motivational. Friendly & Caring atmosphere. Attitude is you can do it and we at RSB MoCo are here to lead and assist you in reaching your GOAL.
Gary K. - I can't imagine a more welcoming, warm, and accepting environment than that provided by RSB MoCo. Angel and Makeda make you feel loved and cared for. They turn vigorous workouts into fun experiences and help participants revel in their accomplishments. I look forward to my twice-weekly workouts with my fellow PWPs and the best coaches imaginable!

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